With the extra spare time since leaving the world of commercial kitchens (80hrs+) we have been able to not only discover and research local suppliers and producers but also where possible collect products directly from the source. Through doing this not only have we found new and exciting products but also heard the stories and experienced the passion behind what drives everyday people to produce exceptional products.

In turn this has reignited our passion as chefs and inspired us to create new and exciting dishes and bring local growers, their story and produce to Studio Neon.


$140/head for 7 courses with matching drinks.

Due to our produce being collected directly from the source and because we work strictly on seasonal availability our menu will constantly change week to week, so you can get an idea of the offerings here is a sample menu.

Unearthed Dinners

Redfern Mulberry Gin Fiz


chicken skin, liver, date


Eel and pineapple


Caramelised onion macaron,  black pudding

(Lord Nelson Ale, Kent st Sydney) 

Tuna Trash

Tartare, marrow, roasted bone consomme

(Seikyo Junmai Ginjo Omachi Sake, Hiroshimimo)

Willowbrae Goats Chevre

Local weeds, little general olive oil, sweet aged vinegar

(Logan Sauvignon Blanc 2012, Orange NSW)

Smoke and Salmon

Lemon pith, dried black olive, roadside olive

Cowobee Lamb (Oberon NSW)

Broccoli, anchovy, garlic

(Climbing Shiraz 2011, Orange NSW)

First date dessert

Roses, Strawberries, white chocolate

(Debortoli Noble One 2009, Bilbul NSW)

Shadows of Blue

Wild apricots, almond butter, 70% cocoa

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