Beth Kirby was in Australia late last year teaching slow living retreats and we somehow made a deal. I fly to Venice (Italy) to help out with a retreat and she will come back over to Australia and host one in my home town. 

Well I went to Venice and she is now on her way back to Australia.......

We are heading to Byron Bay, a small, balmy beach town in the north-eastern corner of New South Wales, Australia, it is home to a bright cottage with a big garden called Avalon Lea—and this is where we'll be setting up our own little village of bell tents & globe lights for a creative glamping retreat intended to inspire, relax, and build new relationships. It will be a fully immersive experience of foraging, creating, and gathering around the table to share in the bounty of the region from both sea & garden.  

Each night we'll share a communal, fresh feast, and each day will be spent learning skills to aid us in both enjoying a few of the slower things in life as well as the skills to share those inspiring moments with a wider audience through the art of photography. This workshop will combine hands on practicums with shared experiences and discussion, and each guest will have the opportunity for a one-on-one with the instructor best suited to help them with their creative goals. 

Our activities will include...

• Photography & Post-Processing Workshops 

• Table & Flat Lay Styling Workshops

• The Art of Sharing: a discussion of social media

• Foraging

• Natural Fabric Dying

• Branch Weaving

• A Beach Picnic

• A Seafood BBQ at the Cottage

• Cooking Demonstration

• D.I.Y. All-Natural Apothecary Workshop

• Down time for journaling, chatting, and tea

And much more!

We will be joined by an amazing team including 

Beth Kirby creator of the food & lifestyle blog Local Milk, Beth is a freelance photographer, stylist, recipe developer, and writer. When not working on a project, Beth plans & teaches photography & styling at retreats and gatherings like this around the world. Her philosophy is that regarding every day life as art down to the detail renders so much more out of living.

Luisa Brimble who is a food and lifestyle photographer whose distinct photography style has been featured in a variety of print and online publications including Kinfolk Magazine, Frankie Magazine, Cereal Magazine, The Simple Things Magazine, Broadsheet Sydney and The Design Files.

Rebekka Seale is a fiber artist and owner of Camellia Fiber Company in Nashville, Tennessee. She specializes in sourcing domestically grown, minimally-processed fiber from farms and small mills across the United States.

The whole experience costs $2,750.00 per person but does not include flights. For more information or to book visit

IMPORTANT: When checking out use the coupon code BYRONDEPOSIT in order to only pay the deposit ($1375 AUD), unless you'd like to pay it all up front.